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A few weeks ago, a friend gave me some cannabis to sample. It looked to be very high quality. Huge trichomes covered the bud to the point that it looked like it was wearing a fur coat. It was perfectly flushed and cured. The potency was undeniable. The smoke was incredibly smooth and a delicious sweetness lingered after the exhale. The high was totally bland.

I’ve noticed in the last few years in particular, some potent strains have been making the rounds that are absolutely beautiful to look at but something is missing from the high.

We talk a lot about medical marijuana for physical ailments but not enough attention is paid to the plant’s medicinal qualities to treat mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and general neurosis. People that do not suffer from any of these cannot fully empathize how much others may need medicine that can treat these issues. I know many people, including myself, that are looking for that one strain that has the most positive mental impact.

I love seeing beautiful plants in the garden. I love the smells and flavors but in the end, I want a plant that is going to make me feel the way I want to feel. Because I couldn’t find that perfect plant for me, I decided I would breed it myself.

Because I was involved in a couple medical warehouse grows, I had the privilege of seeing literally hundreds of strains grown and I tried almost all of them. One of the best, most euphoric strains I had ever tried was Kimbo Kush by Exotic Genetix. It is the ultra-frosty Starfighter crossed with the cult classic Blackberry Kush. For an indica dominant strain, Kimbo Kush had it all and Exotic knocked it out of the park in my opinion. It was super frosty, ridiculously potent and had an amazing flavor/smell. For me personally, the only way it could be improved is to add a bit of sativa kick.

I wasn’t interested in adding a racy sativa. I wanted one that would bring some euphoria, mental stimulation and creativity. After a lot of consideration and research, I finally settled on Super Silver Haze as being a mate for Kimbo Kush. Super Silver Haze has won more awards than just about any other strain ever and is renowned for having an awesome effect.

Earlier this year, we were waiting for some work to be done on our new breeding facility. While I was waiting, I put a single Blackberry Dream seedling in a one gallon pot and set it under a flowering light. I gave it some water and some nutes as I took care of the other plants but it didn’t really get the care that it needed. It started flowering as soon as it was sexually mature and revealed a Super Silver Haze dominant pheno with some added frost from the Kimbo. I was surprised to find that it turned into one large cola coming out of a tiny pot. When it was ready, I cut it down, dried it and threw it into a jar. As any grower would do, I couldn’t wait until it was cured and had to try one bud. I sat on my deck on a warm summer night after dinner and smoked my first Blackberry Dream joint.

The smell can be described as a bit of spice, skunk and earth with hints of blackberry on the exhale.

The effect can be described as relaxed body with a clear, thoughtful and powerfully euphoric mind. For me, the effect was very unique and unlike anything I have ever remembered trying in the past…almost opiate and dream-like for lack of a better way to describe it. I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for the rest to cure and smoked the rest of it over the next few days. I wondered to myself if I only thought I liked it so much because it was my strain. After all, isn’t every breeder biased? I don’t think it was that because when I ran out, I was bummed. Smoking the Blackberry Dream made me realize that I had found the strain I had been looking for.

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