Impala 64 Haze Auto

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Type: 40% Indica 40% sativa 20% Ruderalis

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The Impala 64 is one of our new auto flowering strains. One of our favorite auto flowering strains we offer in our collection. 

We managed to collect a nice Lemon OG Haze and crossbred it with our AK Full Auto to engineer the Impala 64 Auto. This strain will give you both Sativa and Indica effects. It will get you active but with a mild body stoned buzz.  A great strain to relax but you still get things done. 

Her sativa genetics will make her stretch a bit more than other auto flowering strains. Her Indica genetics gave her an increased yield and a better flower to leaf ratio. It’s a great mix of Indica and Sativa, so you will receive the best of both worlds.

Give the Impala 64 auto a try and let her take you for a nice mellow ride!

Cheese originated in the UK and is known for its very pungent odor. We successfully combined both popular cannabis strains and created the Berries and Cheese for the real cannaseur! Her phenotype appearance is small and with short internodes.  She will form a very compact/dense main cola. A true delicacy in our collection of feminized cannabis seeds.

If you are looking for a really tasteful cannabis strain you might want to consider giving Berries & Cheese a try, we assure that you won’t be disappointed by its aroma’s and taste. The effects are powerful and gives a pleasant feeling after a hard day of work. When growing indoors you might want to consider an odor control cause this strain smells a lot!

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