Kera Critical Auto

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Critical AUTO is a plant that is becoming increasingly known. It has grown in no time into the most grown and most popular cannabis strain in Spain. This is not surprising, because Critical is a species that really has everything. Easy to grow, a short flowering time, a good taste and a powerful effect. This makes Critical also the ideal plant for commercial growers. This autoflowering variant of the Critical will also bloom automatically.


Critical AUTO is a species that was specially cultivated for the commercial grower. She is the better twin sister of the famous type Big Bud. Critical originated from a cross between an Afghani and a Skunk, this autoflowering variant is also crossed with a Ruderalis, which means that it will bloom automatically.

Breeding properties

Critical AUTO can be grown well outside. It is not sensitive to moisture and mold, so you can put it outside. Critical AUTO will bloom automatically. From germinating to harvesting, it takes about 63 days. The Critical AUTO is a small plant with large light green leaves. This does not mean that the yield is low, because the white flowers produced by the Critical AUTO are covered with large crystals at the end of the flowering period that ensure a high yield

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